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Discover the secrets of Indian Food

Host Twisa

$90.67 per guest


Are you a person who wanted to discover Indian Homemade food along with walkthrough Indian culture and sprituality ( chanting mantras) with aromatic Indian fragnances around? Its a great way to discover authentic culture. Indian civilization is more than five thousand years old. During this long period it produced a unique type of highly advanced and variegated culture. In spite of the innumerable regional, social and linguistic diversities of the country, there has always been a basic unity in Indian culture. Moreover this culture maintained unbroken continuity from Vedic times to the present day, in spite of countless wars within the country, invasions from outside and two centuries of subjugation by the British. Life-centre of Indian culture is spirituality. By spirituality is meant a way of life oriented to the ultimate purpose or goal of life. Join me for artistic evening to remember.


Welocme Drink (Nimbu Pani)
Indian Lemon water with Salt, Sugar and Mint leaves

Puffed rice, vegetables and a tangy tamarind sauce

Main Course
Dal Fry
Indian Lentil Curry
Kosha Chicken
Spicy Indian Chicken Curry
Saag Paneer
Spinach and Cottage Cheese Gravy
Achari Aloo
Spicy Potatoes

Side dishes
Indian Roti (Breads)

White an Red Wine

Sweet Dish
Sooji Halwa
Semolina with nuts


Amstelveen centre of Amsterdam. Location is very friendly and easy to go for all kinds of shopping and nature walk. Ideal for all summer walks . It is very close to Amsterdamse Bose. Natural Park and Amstelveen Centrum Famous shopping area.

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I am Indian and living in Netherland from 2011. I love to cook Healthy Meals so thought Bon Appetour


Pien Pijpelink

Pien Pijpelink

from The Netherlands

It was such a lovely experience which i won't forget easily. Besides the warm welcome and great presentation which makes you really feel happy, it was such a nice experience to tast all the divers choices of Indian food which were explained really nice. As i was not well known with the Indian kitchen it was a great experience to taste all the different flavours in nice portions, so you could really taste a lot of different food. I just loved it. Please keep on doing what you do Twisa!

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$90.67 per guest


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