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Ayase, Adachi, Tokyo, Japan

Japanese, English, Español


The hosts are Tomoko Arai and Kaoru Shibata. Tomoko took an interest in food at an early age, but began her career in media. Beginning with six years as an announcer at one of Japan’s most popular radio stations, she went on to host Kyo no Ryouri, a long-running NHK television program in which prominent chefs and other food professionals show viewers how to prepare delicious, nutritious meals at home. Her experience working with the program’s guests encouraged her to act on her abiding interest in food by obtaining certifications as a professional food coordinator and dietary advisor. After hosting Kyo no Ryouri for five years, Tomoko took up a new career as a professional cooking instructor in 2004. Inviting people to her home, she teaches both small groups and individuals the basics of making home-style Japanese meals that are a delight to eat, good for the body, and easy on the wallet. Kaoru began her professional career also working as an announcer at the same radio station as Tomoko, but one year later. She then jumped to television, working first as a foreign correspondent in New York and later on a news and information program back in Tokyo. She has lived in the United States and Mexico, and enjoyed extensive travel to locations in Asia and Europe. In her private life, Kaoru enjoys cooking with seasonal ingredients, baking bread, and using both new and revived ways to prepare Japanese foods. Having a particular interest in vegetables and fruit, she has also published a book on salads. Kaoru is the organizer of KitchenNippon, which regularly holds Japanese cooking classes where Japanese and people from other countries work together to learn the fundamentals of Japanese cooking.

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Try a Homestyle Japanese Cooking Class in a Residential Area of Tokyo

Japanese home cooking taught by Tomoko with assistance by Kaoru! What to Expect: 1. Immersive experience of cooking and eating Japanese home-style...

Ayase, Adachi, Tokyo, Japan

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Kaoru and Tomoko were wonderful hostesses and teachers! They were warm and welcoming, giving us plenty of opportunities to participate in the cooking. The food was tasty and their recipes were easy to follow. It was a great experience and I would recommend them to my friends and family who might visit Tokyo!