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Great German Dinner in Singapore

Host Jeratch

$52.03 per guest


Join us for German beer, food, and music, hosted in a private-penthouse atmosphere! Taste authentic, delicious German dishes prepared specially by BonAppetour Chef Jay and her husband who have lived in Germany for over 20 years. Enjoy the evening on the chill side of Singapore with the hosts, your friends and other german food lovers.

The evening brings you 4 different German beers, including the rare Jever Beer from North Germany, Dark Erdinger, Früh Lölsch and Weihenstefan, along with foods ranging from hearty options like Bratwurst, Schweinshaxe and Sauerkraut to the traditional German pastry.

Join us for a truly rare, fun experience.


We’ve got an exciting menu planned for you, bringing together drinks, food and dessert from across the country!

+ Jever Beer from North Germany
+ Dark Erdinger
+ Früh Kölsch
+ Weihenstefan

+ Salad, and potatoes dishes

From North Germany
+ Nordseekrabben salad (shrimp salad)
+ Labskaus (The main ingredients are salted meat or corned beef, potatoes, and onion.)

From Berlin
+ Curry Wurst (sausage with curry sauce)

From East Germany
+ Eisbein (Soft Style pork knuckles)
+ Königsberger Klopse (Unique meatballs with delicious sauce)

From Bavaria
+ Schweinhaxe mit Knödel (Pork knuckles with potatoes dumplings )
+ Wurst Platte (Mixed sausages )
+ Goulash soup

+ Applestrudel
+ Marzipan cake

and more!
Let’s feast, friends!


Haig Road boasts a whole street of local delicacies where many foodies can satisfy any cravings they have.
Come join me for a truly German evening at our private penthouse. We'll have lots of beer, trade stories & make friends over some real good food.

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I come from a family with generations of food business experience. Cooking and baking are my passion

Join us!

$52.03 per guest


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