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Try Japanese Cooking (homemade style)

Host Try Japanese cooking

$80.50 per guest

At a glance

Start time

Weekend Lunch and dinner, Weekday dinner time (Adjustable)


2 to 2.5 hours (Including eating time)

Group size

1 to 4 person

Class language

Japanese, English, Mandarin (basic only) and Indonesian

Meeting point

台北市中山區松江路 Songjiang Rd, Zhongshan Dist, Taipei


*From Dec 2020, we have moved from Tokyo to Taipei.

We offer a homemade Japanese cooking class for foreigners.

We sincerely hope that our cooking class can enable you to understand more about Japanese food and culture. Our goal is to let you feel "New experience and realisation”.

With this, you will be able to cook it again in your country, using your local ingredients.
Share it with the ones you love.

Let’s try Japanese cooking together!


Menu A Tempura
・Assorted Tempura
・Boiled Daikon (Radish) with minced meat
・Chawanmushi (savory steamed egg custard)
・Japanese Premium Rice

Menu B Okonmiyaki (Japanese savory pancake containing a variety of ingredients)
・Okonomiyaki(Osaka Style)
・Braised Pumpkin
・Miso Soup
・Japanese Premium Rice

Menu C Tofu (soybean curd) + meat Hamburg
・Tofu Hamburg
・Japanese Omelette
・Miso Soup
・Japanese Premium Rice

Menu D Japanese Style Fried Dumpling
・Cucumber salad with sesame oil
・Miso Soup
・Japanese Premium Rice

Menu E ( No pork, can be changed to vegetarian upon requests ) Rolled Sushi
・Rolled Sushi
・Salad dressed with tofu, white sesame, and white miso
・Miso Soup(Seaweed base)

Special (seasonal)
Upon your request.

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Try Japanese cooking

Try Japanese cooking

Home made Japanese cuisine

We are offering homemade Japanese cooking class for foreigners. We stayed overseas for 7 years


David Su

David Su

from Taipei

As a native English speaker, the husband and wife team of hosts did a great to make the experience wonderful. We tried a modified version of "Menu B Okonomiyaki", where instead of the Braised Pumpkin we made Nikujagu (Stewed Beef and Potatoes). We helped with the meal preparation by helping to slice the vegetables, and also had a chance at cooking by pan frying and flipping the Okonomiyaki. We ended the experience with origami folding and also took home a recipe guide for the dishes we made in class. I would recommend for anyone looking to do a Japanese cooking experience in Taipei.



from Madrid

Visiting Mika and Shingo was an amazing experience. Mika is a great cooker and very patient. Lesson was very funny and useful. They are such a great family! This experience is highly recommended!!

Don Smith

Don Smith

from Vancouver

Excellent experience. Mika was very thorough and had the recipes typed out for us. She showed us all of the ingredients and we photographed the packages so we can buy them. She explained and demonstrated each stage and answered all of our questions. Everything was cut and ready to cook. We had a lot of fun with her and her family. The meal was delicious - it was great to learn how to cook a traditional Japanese meal. Her children and husband were enthusiastic hosts and spoke English very well.



from Vancouver

I had a great evening with my hosts, Mika, Shingo, and their children. Mika was very well prepared for our cooking lesson, and I learned about some new ingredients and new cooking techniques, including how to prepare a rolled omelette, braised pumpkin, and Okonomiyaki, a savory pancake that comes from Mika's home city of Osaka. The whole family speaks good English, and I enjoyed our conversation, too. Overall, it was an excellent experience!

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$80.50 per guest

Taipei Taiwan

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