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Try Pop-Up Restaurant Themed Food in Chicago!

Host Sean

$23.00 per guest


Expect each meal to be between three to five courses. The menus will follow some theme and we will have fun with it (Silence of the Lambs-themed Halloween menu anyone?) so we hope you will too. At the end of the day, this is meant to bring us together around the same table to share the things we have in common together: food, laughter, stories, and memories.

We hope you will join us for dinner sometime and we look forward to chatting and dining with you!


Expect the menu to change. Our background is Chinese, Alsatian French, and contemporary American cuisine but we don't believe in continually rehashing old dishes. Food needs to evolve and grow just like the ingredients it's made from. If you are curious, please shoot us a message! We'll be happy to answwe any questions you may have!

Right now our menu is featuring three items:

Asparagus salad with creme fraiche, parmesan, and poached egg

Braised beef shank with confit cherry tomatoes

Pink peppercorn souffle with a peach creme anglaise


Our home is located in the Edgewater area of Chicago only a few blocks down from the red Thorndale CTA train stop. Once you exit the station, walk in the direction of Broadway and keep going straight. Once you see Magnolia Ave, our apartment will be the first building on your left. It's a garden unit so it'll resemble a hobbit hole from the outside.

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I'm only a recent graduate from Northwestern University. My original intention was to enroll in law

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$23.00 per guest


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