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Hanoi, Vietnam

English, Vietnamese, French a little

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MomMe’s kitchen is a culinary and cultural exchange venue hosted by a Hanoi family in the old quarter. Through conversations and cooking tips in our cozy family ambience, we would like to share a truly exquisite experience with those who love meeting with locals, tasting delicious food and enjoying culinary journeys in Hanoi. Right in the centre of Hanoi and 5-minute walk from Hoan Kiem lake, our family has lived in the house from generation to generation. Our family has been staying in the old quarter for nearly a century, witnessing dramatic changes in urban life in Hanoi. Many of our neighbours have moved away, many new restaurants and hotels have been built…but we are still here with my little daughters (Minh and Chi), my husband (Toan), my mom (Hong) and and me (Hang). MomMe’s kitchen started out of a passion for food and travel from my family. Hong, my mom, is a lovely Hanoian lady, full of warmth and kindness, not to mention talented cooking skills. She is capable to spring to life all kinds of salads with an array of fresh, aromatic herbs or Hanoi traditional food with local ingredients. My childhood was nurtured and soaked with sounds, sights, smells and tastes in her kitchen. When I grew up, I was lucky enough to travel to quite few places and lived in different countries for long time enough to understand that Hanoi food and culture was really unique and exclusive. While all of our family members also love meeting new people, exchanging cultural stories, we all know that once we open our doors and kitchen to new people, we have a chance to learn and discover the world in a new way. And MomMe’s kitchen was born. It is not only a mean to convey Hanoi authentic cultural and culinary experience to you but also a mark to restore our family bindings and our long-lasting love during years.

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Private authentic food cooking with the local family in Hanoi Old Quarters

When you joining in cooking and/or meals with us in our home, you will • Learn about Vietnamese ingredients and herbs • Master hand-on ...

Hanoi, Vietnam

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