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Cooking Classes

Cook with a local !

Host Mariko

$82.00 per guest


Cooking Program : Cooking experience
◆Cooking experience Lunch and tasting Japanese Sake/Shochu(approx. 1.5hrs)

*Minimum number of your party: 2
*Maximum number of your party:6


We accept requests for menus per group, not individually.

Please let me know in advance if you have any allergies or religious food restrictions.  
We will arrange 5~6 kinds of side dishes.

*There's a possibility that schedule may be modified.
*We accept requests for menus per group, not individually.
*It may incur additional costs; antiallergic food

1) Deep fried tempura + Rice/thin noodles + side dishes
Assorted Tempura-Shrimp, squid, eggplant, green pepper, sweet potato, carrot, onion, burdock,Lotus root, perilla, shallot, the mixture of potato and Chinese chive...etc

2) Sushi roll +Miso soup + side dishes
Sushi roll-Vinegered rice, seaweed, tuna fillet, salmon, salmon roe. shrimp, rolled omelette avocado, cream cheese, cucumber, gourd ribbon, shiso leaves etc..

3) Gyoza + Rice + side dishes
Baked dumplings with minced pork and vegetables-minced pork, Chinese chives, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, scallion, ginger, garlic, shiso leaves

4) Okonomiyaki + Yakisoba + side dishes
Japanese style pancake-flour, egg, thin sliced pork belly, squid, cabbage, scallions, chopped ginger, cheese, ricecake, fried noodle...etc


I am based near the Shin-Nakano station, a quiet and residential district f Tokyo, perfect for seeing how the real Japanese community lives!

Also located near some tourist hot spots:
Shinjuku area - 7min by train
Nakano Broadway - 15min by walk
Ghibli Museum- 25min by train

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Hi I'm Mariko. Welcome to Tokyo, JAPAN! I offer you several chances to experience Japanese culture




My 11-year old daughter and I equally had the most wonderful time! It was a well-rounded class and certainly a must experience for all ages. we ended up with so much more than we expected. Mariko also gave us tips which we used straight away so I suggest you all take this class on the onset of your trip. It was reallya lovely bonding experience with my daughter. keep it up Mariko! You are inspiring and touching lives with your work.



We had such an awesome day with Mariko. She was very polite and welcoming and being in a real Japanese home was eye opening for a Westerner.

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$82.00 per guest


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