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Host Ashley

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I engage in innovate contemporary fine dining with local flavours here in California.
But even if the food here in California is pretty standard, I prefer to do it by SURPRISE!
Hence for me, the menu changes everyday (secret menu designed by chef)! My friends and family often get a huge surprise from me because I do not like to reveal the kind of food I'll be cooking that day. I'll present it to my guests only at the dinner table for the maximum effect. Sometimes, my mother praises me for this idea, because it's something that guests will not expect, hence making my hosting skills special in certain ways.

I'll offer a 3 course meal and please do tell me if you have any allergies.

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Passionate about travel and food. I do food hopping in 7-10 restaurants each weekend. Also an active

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$51.75 per guest

Foster City

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