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Embracing the Slow Food movement in the Sardinian countryside

Host Elisabetta

$20.92 per guest


I believe in the Slow travel and Slow food movement!
In the fast-paced world, where everybody is stuck in a rat-race, I want to share the beauty of Slow-ness. The luxury of wasting time is not something that everyone can have. In this case, luxury is defined not as a "display of wealth" but the freedom of time to take the pleasure from doing things at one's own time.

Slow travel also includes Slow food. I believe in preserving the biodiversity, traditions, food cultures .. and so our heritage, our history through traditional cuisines. Over the years, the dialogue between man and nature has led to the creation of agriculture. We are all, in other words, part of an ecological system. We are the product of our culture. Each of us is the heir to a legacy of flavors, ways of dining, cooking techniques .

Me and my mother would love to host you, and showcase to you a mix of food cultures - she is strictly traditional. We can also teach you to prepare Sardinian pasta. We grow our own vegetables in our garden. In the summer, our garden is an apotheosis of scents, smells and tastes amazing! For the curious and adventurous ones, we will prepare pasta together and then proceed to a dinner or lunch of our cooking! :)


A choice of one of the following first courses

- Home-made pasta, tagliatelle with fresh tomatoes
- Homemade Orecchiette pasta with zucchini, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese
- Trofie pasta with fresh tomatoes and prawns
- Potato dumplings made at home with fresh tomatoes with parmesan
- Parmigiana with eggplant and tomatoes from the garden

Main dishes
- The famous Sardinian suckling pig roast cooked with a distant aroma of rosemary side dish of roasted potatoes and rosemary
- Fresh fish according to the catch of the night ..

- Seadas (traditional Sardinian fritter) with sugar and honey
- Peaches poached in red wine

A full-bodied red house and suitable for meat and pasta dishes
A delicate white that suits the tastes of the sea

Water and coffee for those who like it.

All my products are zero meter!
Products are from me and my mother in our vegetable garden
Wine and sweets of all private production
Meat is also private production
My most favorite uncle is a fisherman for generations and a fervent believer in sustainable fishery tourism.


We can eat in our semi-covered veranda, in my house, which is situated in the countryside in a green land of about one hectare. Dining among the plants, trees, organic garden makes for a peaceful and intimate atmosphere!

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" There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore, There is

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$20.92 per guest

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