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The Philly Cheesesteak Experience.

Host Chaz

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I'm a Philadelphia Native that relocated too the West Coast about 6 1/2 years ago and to Seattle 5. Ever since leaving my home town I've been seeing poor excuses for things labeled "cheesesteak". So when I saw Bonappetour and said what should I do on here, the light bulb appeared and said cheesesteak.

So you're wondering what is a cheesesteak REALLY? Well let me tell you. Like all great foods the cheesesteak changes regionally. This is both nationally and in the great city of brotherly love. We're going to stick with the city of brotherly love and go with their two faves.

"The North Philly Steak" vs. "The South Philly Steak".

First a few thing to get out of the way. Green Peppers aren't standard on a cheesesteak in Philly EVER. I don't know how that practice has come to pass but it should be buried and laid to rest. Also the most important part of the cheesesteak is the roll. Amoroso rolls are soft and chewy and complement the cheesesteak exceptionally.

So back to the good stuff what is the deal with the regional style being so important?

The. Construction. Of. The. Sandwich.

That's why we'll start with those as a base but you're free to create your own. So finally the menu.
The Philly Cheesesteak Experience

The "Max" North Philly Style Cheesesteak.
The Max is deeply rooted in the heart of Philadelphia as a North stable. Starting off with finely minced thinly sliced sirloin, the bread is given a base of Mayo topped by American Cheese. Then the bread is placed on top and all of the meat is scooped nicely inside, cut in half and ready for your consumption.

The "Tony" South Philly Style Cheesesteak
Tony Luke's in South Philly does the sandwich's birthplace proud. Starting out with thinly sliced sirloin, they're fried until golden brown. Then the base of the roll is toasted and then coated with my home made cheese sauce that will make you say "I can't believe this is not cheese wiz!" and then topped off with Fried Onions, cut in half for your consumption.

The "Jim" The Standard Cheesesteak (Build Your Own)
Jim's Steaks has a few select locations around the city including one on South Street, so you could say they're the closest thing the city has to a "chain" of cheesesteak. Marrying the two together they've manage to do a good job of satisfying each regional's taste's needs. Here are your steps to building your perfect cheesesteak sandwhich.

Step One: The Meat
-Minced-Allows for easier consumption by having the steak in little bites.
-Flat Iron-Allow for huge flavorful bites if awesome steak.
-Chicken (coming soon)-You can sub chicken for steak for a leaner meal.

Step Two: The Cheese
-White American
-"Cheese Wiz"

Step Three: Veggies

Step Four: Condiments
-Hot Sauce

Step Five-The Roll

Step Six-Make it a Hoagie
You can make it a Cheesesteak Hoagie by adding Lettuce and Tomato to the sandwich.

And there you have it. I've striving to deliver the most options to Seattle with it comes to having an Authentic cheesesteak experience. I hope to see you soon.


Chaz, Cheesesteak Enthusiast

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I'm a guy motivated to have many varied experiences throughout life. I believe that life is fun and

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$28.75 per guest


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