The BonAppetour Travel Blogger Awards!

The BonAppetour Travel Blogger Awards!


Here at BonAppetour, we are all enormous fans of travel and believe in the good that travel can do for the soul and for broadening one’s cultural horizons. We never quite quench the thirst for our wanderlust, and love to peruse the amazing blogs of intrepid travelers like yourselves. To show our appreciation for the wisdom shared by our travel blogger friends, we decided to host our very own BonAppetour Blogger Awards! We want to host these awards in order to recognise the travel bloggers that inspire readers to try authentic, local experiences- because that is what we are all about here at BonAppetour! Read more information about how you can enter our award competition:

What do I win?

We will choose one article submission from each of the three award categories (listed below). These three posts will be shared on our blog, with links back to the blogger’s own site and social media profiles. As well as this, we will promote the blogger and their winning blog post on all our social media channels (our Twitter and Facebook alone reach over 70K people a month and our blog has well over 110K views). This is a great opportunity to get your travel blog out there to a wider audience, as well as having a great badge for your site and graphics to share on social media showing readers and the twittersphere that your blog won a writing award! 

But it doesn't stop there- oh no, you and a +1 will also win a complimentary dining experience, in the city of your choice, with a BonAppetour host! So on your next travelling adventure you can dine with locals and taste authentic homecooked cuisine for yourself.

Great! How do I enter?

It’s easy! Just send us in one article about any of the categories below to [email protected]. Your article can already be something you have up on your blog, or a completely new post just for us. The blog post should be around 300-700 words long, accompanied by your own photography.  

The Categories: (please choose to write on one of the following subjects:)

  • Article on your most unique travel experience
  • Article about a time you interacted with locals
  • Article on the best dish/cuisine you have had whilst travelling, and why you liked it so much.

Email your blog post and images to [email protected] with the subject being one of the above categories.

Submission deadline: Friday 5th August

Good luck!


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