Beer festivals around the world

Beer festivals around the world

Beer festivals are exciting events for the millions of beer lovers around the world. Some would even travel around the world to sample the different types of beer and attend beer festivals! Besides festivals, plenty of beer goes around in pubs, bars, restaurants and even in grocery stores. Whether it is to celebrate a victory, birthday or any other special occasion, there is no denying that the love for beer is universal. 

If you are a beer-loving traveller, here are some beer festivals you may wish to attend some day!

1. Oktoberfest

Munich's Oktoberfest is undoubtedly the largest and most famous beer festival in the world. The festival was first celebrated in 1810 and has since been central to Bavarian culture. It runs for 16 days, beginning in mid-late September till early October. There will be an endless flow of beer and food during Oktoberfest so you will certainly leave happy and stuffed!

2. Brussels Beer Weekend

Belgium's beer festivals are admittedly less well-known as compared to major ones like Munich's Oktoberfest. But the beer-making tradition is firmly rooted in Belgian culture and some of the most famous brands of beer in the world come from Belgium! The Brussels Beer Weekend, held on the first weekend in September, is not only a chance for you to enjoy some of the best Belgian beers but also sample beers from other local breweries and there are over 250 different Belgian beers available so you will surely be spoilt for choice!

3. Great British Beer Festival

The Great British Beer Festival is the largest beer festival in the UK and is also known as the "biggest pub in the world". This annual festival, which takes place in August, is organised by Campaign for Real Ale and held in London Olympia. You can expect to find over 900 real ales, ciders and perrys from breweries in the UK as well as international beers. One day is definitely not going to be enough to sample all that is on offer!

4. Czech Beer Festival

There is no doubt that Czech Republic is renowned for beer and every year in May, the Czech Beer Festival is held in Prague over 17 days! This beer festival will give beer-lovers the chance to quench their thirst for Czech beer, with over 100 draft beers available for you to enjoy as well as beer from small and local breweries! Besides beer, there is also plenty of food to go around as well as concerts and performances to keep you full and entertained!

5. Great World Beer Festival

Beyond Europe, beer festivals are also held across the Atlantic. The Great World Beer Festival takes place in New York and is also known as the United Nations of Beer. It is held over 2 days in October and for a fixed entrace fee, you will get to enjoy unlimited servings of beer! And with over 100 brewer booths at this festival, beer lovers will certainly be delighted to enjoy all the beer they can get filled in their glasses! If you are planning a trip to the Big Apple, do buy tickets to this festival in advance as huge crowds are expected. 

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Dumplings around the world

Dumplings around the world

Dumplings feature in most cuisines around the world. Whether they have savoury or sweet fillings and whatever their shape and size, there is no denying that dumplings are universally loved by many.

Let's give them the attetion they deserve by exploring different dumplings from around the world so that you know what to order when next on your travels.

1. Czech Republic

Dumplings are known as knedliky in Czech Republic and are prepared by boiling them a batter comprising flour, eggs, milk and dry bread cubes. They are typically served with savoury meaty dishes and dipped in the gravy that accompanies the meat dish.

2. Japan

Japanese dumplings, more popularly known as gyoza, are savoury dishes that contain minced meat and chopped vegetables wrapped in a thin dough and are pan fried before serving. This dish actually originated from China, where it is known as jiaoziGyoza is served at most eateries around the country and are typically eaten as a side dish to mains. 

3. China

Apart from jiaozi, another dumpling dish China is also known for is xiao long bao. This dumpling originated in Shanghai and contains a flavourful broth that retains the flavour in the minced meat while keeping it moist. It is typically dipped in vinegar and ginger before one bites into the dumpling. 

4. Italy

Ravioli is the name for Italian dumplings and are one of many pasta dishes in Italian cuisine. They are typically filled with meat, cheese and vegetables, which are sandwiched in two thin layers of pasta dough. Ravioli can be served with a tomato-based sauce or cream-based sauce, or even a combination of both. 

5. Sweden

Swedish dumplings are known as Kroppkakor made from potato and typically filled with pork or ham, onions and spices and wrapped in a layer of mashed potato. They are usually accompanied with melted butter and lingonberry jam when served. Different regions of Sweden have various takes on this traditional dish. 

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