Off the beaten path experiences in Berlin

Off the beaten path experiences in Berlin

Given Berlin's momentous past, visits to iconic attractions such as the Berlin Wall, Reischtag Building and Brandenburg Gate will undeniably be part of any itinerary for those visiting the German capital. But this city has got so much more to offer and if you wish to be away from the crowds during your stay, check out these hidden gems.   

1. Hohenschönhausen

The main prison during the Cold War to detain political prisoners, Hohenschönhausen is now a museum and memorial. Here, you may join a guided tour led by a historian or even a former inmate, who will share with you the tales of detainees and take you through the repressive hallways, cells and interrogation rooms of the former prison. While the museum-cum-memorial is located out of central Berlin, it bears reminder of the city's eventful past and the torment that detainees were subject to during the Cold War.

Location: Genslerstrasse 66

2.  Flea Market Mauerpark 

This flea market, though relatively new for it was established in 2004, is much loved by Berlin's residents. Here, you can find a host of items on bargain such as shoes, bicycle parts, vintage clothing, books and accessories. There are also food stalls available so you will never go hungry even if you were to spend a couple of hours searching for decent bargains. Note that the flea market is next to Mauerpark itself, a public park that was once a site of the Berlin Wall and the Death Strip. It is open only on Sundays from 9am to 6pm so plan your visit accordingly and head down early to catch the best bargains!

Location: Bernauer Str. 63-64

3. Künstlerhaus Bethanien

Once a medical institution, Künstlerhaus Bethanien today is home to exhibits of contemporary art as well as that by artists from around the world. When the hospital closed in 1970, there were plans to demolish this building but this was successfully campaigned against by conservationists, citizens intiative groups and squatters. It is free to view to many of the exhibits on display and apart from art exhibitions, you may also have the opportunity to watch theatre and dance performances.  

Location: Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

4. Join a tour organised by Alternative Berlin

If you prefer to go on a guided tour, join one organised by Alternative Berlin. They will bring you to some of the places in Berlin which you are less likely to discover on your own and expose you to the quirky and artistic side of the city as well as Berlin's undergroud subcultures. Each tour will last 3 hours and do not cost a cent. Tipping is optional though recommended given the expertise of the guides. The meeting point of Alternative Berlin tours is Alexanderplatz TV Tower and tours commence at 11am, 1pm and 3pm. 

5. Tempelhofer Feld 

The Tempelhofer Feld today is a recreational space and is the largest urban park in Berlin today. Between the 1920s to 2008, this site housed the Tempelhof Airport, which was used as a landing site for planes carrying supplies such as food and coal. Following the closure of the airport in 2008, authorties reclaimed the land and transformed the site into a recreational space where families can bring their children and pets to roam about freely and have picnics. This space is also utilised by skaters, cyclists and joggers. 

Location: Tempelhof

6. Viktoriapark

Located in the Kreuzberg area of Berlin, the Viktoriapark is situated on a small hill and houses an artificial waterfall as well as a national monument commemorating the Wars of Liberation. Ascent to the summit of the hill and you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of Berlin. During the summer months, this park is ideal for picnics as well as for leisurely afternoons away from the bustle of the city. Ideal for families as well as travellers hoping to be closer to nature whilst in a primarily urban landscape. 

Location: Kreuzberg Street

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Romantic Dining Spots in Berlin to Pamper Your Loved One


If you will be travelling to Berlin with your loved one, why not make time for romantic meal? You will want to make a booking to avoid any disappointment…

1. The Grand

This chic restaurant decked out in vintage furniture and elegant fittings serves German-French delicacies and is renowned for its steaks prepared on the American Southbend Grill – tender, flavourful and expertly grilled. You will also find appetisers such as Beef Tatar and classic Caesar Salad at The Grand, but it is the steak selection that will impress. Think dry-aged steaks from Irish free-range cattle, delicately marbled Kobe beef from Japan and more.

The 80-seater restaurant caters to a well-heeled crowd and is very popular so do remember to make your reservations in advance. In the same building, you will also find a club, and a bar (frequently named one of the best bars in Berlin), so do grab a drink and soak in the loungey atmosphere.

2. Hugo’s Restaurant


Enjoy gastronomical delights and panoramic views of Berlin at Hugo’s Restaurant, situated on the top floor of InterContinental Berlin. Serving dishes prepared with German and regional quality products with an international sensibility, the restaurant offers a number of tasting menus and has been consistently awarded one Michelin star since 1999. A sommelier is also on hand to offer wine recommendations to complement your meal. Do make a reservation in order to get a table by the window so that both you and your loved one can enjoy a delightful meal with spectacular views of Berlin.

3. Restaurant Bieberbau

Tucked away in a quaint residential street, Restaurant Bieberbau is a small and cosy one-Michelin-starred restaurant run by chef-owner Stephan Garkisch. This restaurant serves top-quality fare and is frequented by the locals – a sign that it is not a tourist-oriented eatery. The staff at this restaurant can nonetheless speak both English and German so communication with them is unlikely to be an issue. Diners at this restaurant have a choice of three different menus, including a vegetarian-friendly one, and can choose to have a 3, 4 or 5-course meal from each menu. Their friendly staff can recommend a wine to go along with your dishes.

4. Cafe Chagall

Need a mid-afternoon caffeine fix and some treats to nibble on? Treat yourself and your loved one to German-style coffee and cake at Cafe Chagall. This quiet cafe is largely candle-lit and has a painted domed ceiling, giving it a Bohemian-like atmosphere. With delectable cakes, good coffee and friendly service, you and your loved one may choose to spend a leisurely afternoon at a corner in this cosy cafe. Given the affordably-priced food and drinks, the wallets of you and your loved one will not suffer too!

5. Home-dining experience with the locals

If you do not fancy dining out in a restaurant, how about dining with the locals in their homes! There are friendly hosts in Berlin can plan a romantic meal for you and your other half and tailor the menu to suit the dietary needs and preferences of the both you. For example, rather than having a gourmet-dining experience in a restaurant, you and your loved one may enjoy one on the terrace with Pete.

Or if you prefer a more international atmosphere and would like to get to meet people from around the world, book a dinner party with Deborah! You may also book a dining experience with Pelin if you and your loved one fancy fusion cuisine!

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