A Spicy Thai Affair

A Spicy Thai Affair

Thai food; a cuisine that has gained international recognition for the bursts of flavour it provides from simple and fresh ingredients. The combination and preparation of these ingredients are key for the perfect Thai dish!

Our South-East Asian Hosts had guests from Turkey and Italy over for a Thai-style inspired meal. Never had they before tasted this eminent cuisine and never had these hosts cooked for the mild palate before –  it was a spicy experience to remember!

The Menu:BBQ Thai-style inspired Chicken wings, lemongrass omelet and the spice filled Thai Red Curry with guests from Italy and Turkey!

Giovanni, giving a shot at stir frying vegetables!

Here’s Effe; the Turkish guest getting at it too!

This was what they came up with it – Thai Red Curry. Looks extremely spicy doesn’t it? Giovanni thought the same but put all his fears away and dug into this colourful dish and to his surprise, it tasted amazing and was extremely mild! Pheww! 😉

This was a fusion of all the cultures. Thai-inspired BBQ chicken wings – the regular chicken wings with a hint of lemongrass and a sweet Thai Chilli glaze. It caramelised perfectly and the flavours were a perfect balance.

Here’s a dish that is common to both East and West; the Omelette! The twist however was using spring onions, Thai soy sauce, and Kaffir Lime leaves that made this a taker and was gone within minutes!

Here is them enjoying a meal prepared by extremely fun people who were amazing at trying new things and meeting new people. It was a BonAppetour experience alright!

Signing off,
Hitakshi aka The Photographer 🙂

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