Food Bites: Nasi Tumpeng

Food Bites: Nasi Tumpeng

This interestingly shaped rice dish, known as Nasi Tumpeng, is prepared using a cone-shaped container woven from bamboo strips. The rice may be prepared in different ways – it can be steamed and served as plain rice, cooked with coconut milk (also referred to as uduk rice), or coloured with a hue of yellow using a turmeric spice.

Nasi Tumpeng is usually served on tampah, a circular contained made of woven bamboo covered with a banana leaf, alongside with a variety of Indonesian side dishes.

What is the Significance of serving Nasi Tumpeng?

Traditionally, Indonesians prepare this dish to celebrate a special occasion. The appearance of the cone-shaped rice holds deeper meanings – the height of the one is a symbol of the greatness of Allah, while the food items surrounding the base of the cone represents the abundance that nature provides.

Dishin’ out the Nasi Tumpeng: What are the Yummy Sides Served?

An assortment of Indonesian dishes are served along with the soft, fragrant rice. These sides may include ayam goreng (crisp, crunchy chunks of fried chicken), ayam bakar (flavourful, grilled chicken), emapl gepuk (fried slices of tender beef cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce), sambal goreng ati (liver cooked in a appetisingly spicy sauce), boiled eggs and other dishes.

Our BonAppetour guests enjoyed a feast of Nasi Tumpeng with our lovely BonAppetour host, Nadya recently. It’s your turn to do the same now!

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