The 7 Tapas Bars You Must Try when in Barcelona

The 7 Tapas Bars You Must Try when in Barcelona

If you have been googling on what to eat in Barcelona, chances are you’ve probably seen the word tapas pop up every single time. We’re guessing that you already have a good inkling of what tapas is but do you know where exactly to find the best tapas bars in Barcelona? Be it standing bars, market bars or where to get free tapas– we’ve got you covered.

Here is our guide on where to get the best tapas when in Barcelona:

If you are looking for a quick bite before dinner, head over to Quimet i Quimet


Quimet i Quimet is a bustling little tapas bar has only two small tables and no seats. Lined from floor to ceiling with an impressive array of wines and spirits, you’ll be considered lucky if you snag a spot at this highly popular standing-only bar.

What to Eat: Choose from an exciting array of Montaditos (tapas on a slice of bread) served with delectable combinations such as salmon with truffled honey and tuna belly with creamy sea urchin.

What to Drink: Don’t leave without trying the iconic Quimet i Quimet Belgian beer that has been brewed to perfection.

Budget: Tapas €3-10

Address: Carrer del Poeta Cabanyes 25

Opening Hours: Noon to 4pm and 7pm to 10.30pm during the weekdays and only from noon to 4pm on Saturdays. Closed in August.

If you’re looking to hang out with locals, head over to La Cova Fumada




Termed as Barcelona’s beloved gastronomic icon, La Cova Fumada has been around since 1944 serving up classic Catalan favourites.

What to Eat: The legendary bombas (pork-filled, crumbed mashed potato balls that are deep fried) served with either mild garlic mayonnaise or a spicier cayenne pepper sauce. Don’t forget to check out the blackboard menu that offers fresh grilled seafood as well.

What to Drink: Enjoy a lovely glass of Cava de sangria while munching on these Catalan classics.

Budget:Tapas €4-8

Address: Carrer del Baluard 56

Opening Hours: 9am-3.20pm on Mondays to Wednesdays, 9am-3.20pm and 6-8.15pm on Thursdays and Friday, 9am-1pm on Saturdays.

If you are looking for a cozy lunch spot, head over to Morryssom


One of the best picks for tapas in the city, Morryssom is a popular lunch spot amongst the locals with pavement tables to allow you to bask under the Mediterranean Sun while sharing tales of your travel escapades.

What to Eat: They serve a reliably good range of tapas like gambas rebozadas (lightly-battered prawns) but you have to try their richly seasoned paella with butifarra (spiced Catalan sausage) or goat-cheese vegetarian paella.

What to Drink: Keep cool this summer with a refreshing glass of Sangria.

Budget: Tapas €2-12

Address: Carrer de Girona 162

Opening Hours: 7.30am to 1am from Mondays to Saturdays

If you are craving supper, head over to Elisabets


Elisabets is a quaint restaurant that is popular for its authentic and generous servings of homemade tapas and sandwiches. Step into this lively and rambunctious place and find yourself lost in conversation with local students about everything under the sun at any time of the day.

What to Eat: Try the morcilla amb confitada de cebollas (blood sausage with braised onions), it’s sweeter than it sounds!

What to Drink: Without a doubt, a jug of beer!

Budget: tapas €1.20- 10

Address: Carrer d’Elisabets 2-4

Opening Hours: 8am to 11.30pm from Mondays to Saturdays, with the exception of Fridays (8am to 1.30am)

If you are on a budget, head over to Gata Mala


Gata Mala is one of the very few tapas bar in Barcelona that remains true to tradition by serving free tapas with every drink. Packed with locals, this no-frills bar is a great place to have a drink and chill with your travelling buddies.

What to Eat: For every two beers you order, you’ll be served a generous portion of ensaladilla rusa (mayonnaise potato salad with chicken, eggs and tuna).

What to Drink: Feeling adventurous? Try the gin and tonics made with cucumbers and peppers- it’s sure to give you a ‘buzz’.

Budget: Drinks under €10

Address: Carrer de Rabassa 37

Opening Hours: 6.30pm to 1.30am from Tuesdays to Saturdays

If you are visiting La Boqueria, head over to Bar Pinoxto


Sworn by tourists and even some locals as the best Tapas bar in all of Barcelona, Bar Pinotxo is a 14-seater bar in the famous La Boqueria. With the ever-so-charming Juanito Bayen, owner and face the bar, serving you up classic tapas dishes, you will surely be in for a treat at this coveted bar.

What to Eat: From their classic chickpeas and pine nuts to their famous xuxos, Bar Pinotxo will surely have something you’ll love, both sweet and savoury.

What to Drink: Settle down at this well-loved tapas bar with a glass of sangria or cava, if not both.

Budget: tapas and mains €8-17

Address: Mercat de la Boqueria

Opening Hours: 6am to 4pm from Mondays to Saturdays

If you are a seafood connoisseur, head over to Cal Pep


There’s no way you can get into the legendary seafood restaurant without queuing- be prepared to queue for more than 30 minutes. What’s there not to love when there is fresh seafood and friendly service available at Cal Pep?

What to Eat: The pièce de résistance of this popular seafood tapas is none other than the stellar Seafood Platter that includes the much raved about deep-fried Calamari.

What to Drink: White wine

Budget: tapas €5-15

Address: Plaça de les Olles 8

Opening Hours: 7.30pm to 11.30pm on Mondays, 1-3.45pm & 7.30-11.30pm from Tuesdays to Saturdays. Closed on the  last 3 weeks of August.


Can't get enough of tapas? Join our lovely BonAppetour hosts like Nani for a tapas making class!


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5 Unforgettable Dining Experiences in Barcelona

5 Unforgettable Dining Experiences in Barcelona

Instead of frequenting the run-of-the-mill tapas bars in Barcelona, try something a little out of the ordinary on your Barcelona vacation. From eating in pitch-black darkness to sharing a drink in a – ice bar, here are 5 quirky places to please your palate when in Barcelona:

1.El Bosc de les Fades

Translated to ‘The Forest of Fairies’, this dark fantasy themed tapas bar is sure to appeal to both gothic horror fans and fairytale lovers. Realistically decorated with artificial waterfalls, wispy tea lights and mystical creatures lurking in the mirrors, it is hard not to believe to you have walked straight into an enchanted forest inhabited by fairies and grim-faced talking trees. Grab a refreshing glass of Sangria while you bask in the moonlight of this esoteric forest and share your grisly tales of horror with friends. A note of caution, be careful not to wander too deep into the secret grotto- there’s no telling what lies in the darkness…

2. Enjoy Paella with Home-chefs Bego and Iván

paella with bonappetour home chefs

No foodie trip to Spain would be complete without the iconic dish paella. And there’s absolutely no question the best paella is always homemade paella.

It takes a very long time to cook, so it’s difficult for restaurants to make fresh. Only 5 minutes walk from Gaudí’s iconic landmark Park Güell, talented home-chefs Bego and Iván offers Barcelona’s best paella in town using a traditional recipe from Alacant.

You can watch their whole cooking process while you enjoy an ecological white wine, from El Pla de Manlleu or rosé wine from Penedès A.O., a region famous for its excellent wines and cavas.

3. Dans Le Noir

If you are in search for innovative dining experience, why not dine in complete darkness? Enjoy a gastronomical experience in the dark at Dans Le Noir where you will find yourself fumbling for your wine glass and trying to scoop up the food on your plate. The fun part of this is guessing what you’ are eating and getting to know your fellow diners in a pitch-black room. Considerably one of the most unusual dining experiences in Barcelona, Dans Le Noir deserves a status above novelty. It is an intriguing way for you to invigorate your sense and also appreciate the gift of sight.

4. Icebarcelona  


Established on the lively shore of El Somorrostro, Icebarcelona is an unusual beach bar with an impressive interior made entirely from ice. Marval at the grandiose ice sculptures while you sip on delicious cocktails with your friends from glasses made of…ice. The bar’s interior design changes with each season, making Icebarcelona a refreshing experience every time. Remember to take lots of photos to capture these memorable frosty moments as the average entry to the bar usually lasts no more than 30 minutes! If you prefer to lounge under the Barcelonan Sun while munching on savoury nachos, you can relax on the terrace on the 2nd floor that overlooks the coastal sands and cerulean waters.

5. ABaC

Celebrated 2-Michelin-starred restaurant ABaC is helmed by the amazing Chef Jordi Cruz who is the youngest Spanish chef to have earned his first Michelin star at 24. This exclusive 56-seater elegant restaurant boasts an impressive 16-course menu that blends creativity and tradition seamlessly. Indulge in delicacies such asIberian meats, almonds with beans and “compango” bubbles and Foie gras taco with mole migas and sweet corn ice cream while you handpick your favourite wine from an extensive cellar. Also, the ABaC team is well-known for providing impeccable service. Other than the attentive servers, their thoughtful chefs would gladly customize your meal should you have any food allergies or intolerances. Although pricier than most restaurants found in the vicinity, give yourself a splurge to gain a once-in-a-lifetime gastronomical experience.

Bonus: Cook With Teresa!

If you are here in Barcelona for a special occasion, why not book a unique home dining experience with one of BonAppetour’s lovely hosts, Teresa? A professionally trained chef, Teresa easily whips up delicious Spanish fare but never forgets her motto in cooking that has been instilled in her since her childhood: love, time and quality produce. Step into her cozy home and savour an authentic meal that comprises of Coca Bread, Seafood Paella and of course, homemade Sangria. Cook like a local, dine like a local and live like a local- get a taste of home away from home and perhaps learn a recipe or two!


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Eat Like A Local In Venice: 5 Places Without Tourist Traps

One of most common things that will happen when you are travelling is that you end up in a ridiculously expensive restaurant after being ushered in by an overly enthusiastic waiter. Experienced travelers will tell you to avoid such tourist traps with menus that are in more than 3 languages and with blatant picture displays. But where do you find best non touristy places to eat like a true Venice local?

While some of the Venetian restaurants might have accumulated a bad reputation for themselves as having exorbitant prices, we want to introduce to you some of the places where locals eat to get a taste of good, authentic local food without burning a hole in your pocket (or falling into a tourist trap!).

1. Trattoria Alla Rampa

Castello, 1135, 30122 Venezia VE, Italy (Via Garibaldi)

Telephone: +39 041 528 5365

Lunch only, closed on Sunday

Located in a working-class neighbourhood, Trattoria Alla Rampa is a popular lunch spot for the residents who live in this neighborhood. Their wallet-friendly “worker’s menu”, which consists of pasta, main course, wine and coffee, is excellent value for €13. And it probably explains why they are always packed with locals for lunch. At 1pm, the menu switches to offering home-styled Venetian dishes. Dishes can include veal scaloppini (similar to a veal cutlet),  risi e bisi (Venetian rice and peas) and squid ink pasta. Pasta costs €10 and main dishes around €14.

2. Venetian fish cooked by a true Venice seaman, Massimo

The reviews on his page to book speak for themselves and you cannot get more local than enjoy a freshly cooked fish in a Venetian’s own home. Venice’s widely popular home-chef and seaman Massimo offers the freshest seafood cuisine and guarantees a taste of the 7 seas with his meal in an ancient home in central Venice. Feel free to check him out here.

3.Osteria Al Portego

Castello San Lio, 6014, 30122 Venezia, Italy

+39 041 522 9038

When you are in venice, you definitely need to try out their cichetti, which are small snacks or side dishes typically served in bacari or also know as cichetti bars in Venice. Osteria Al Portego has a wide selection of cichetti such as fried stuffed zucchini flowers and bread with baccalà (dried salted cod). If you are in for a drink, join them for their happy hour and choose from their large selection of wines.

4. Ristorante Dalla Marisa

Cannaregio, 652, 30171 Venezia, Italy

+39 041 720211

Given its appearance, this restaurant might not attract your attention but it sure did catch the eyes of editors at Jamie Oliver’s travel magazine. This intimate, cozy restaurant does not have an a la carte menu but instead offer dishes that change daily, depending on what ingredients are available. If you are up for good seafood and would happily go where locals would go, then you are at the right place.

5. Osteria da Alberto


Calle Giacinto Gallina – Cannaregio, 5401, 30121 Venezia, Italy
+39 041 523 8153

Located between Campo San Giovanni e Paolo and the Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Osteria da Alberto is a local’s favourite, especially around lunchtime. They serve authentic and classic Venetian cuisines such as risotto and spaghetti with squid ink. Their daily specials menu is ever changing based on the season and what the chef can find in the local seafood market, so you can be sure that everything is fresh. Go in, grab a table and let them surprise you.

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Food safety tips when travelling

Food safety tips when travelling

Many of us love to sample new foods during our travels. In the midst of all that indulgence, it is all too easy to forget food safety and the risk of contracting foodborne illnesses, which can ruin our holidays by sending us on seemingly endless trips to the restroom. But foodborne illnesses are preventable if we exercise care and caution with the food we eat. 

Here are some tips for a safe and indulgent adventure abroad!

1. Avoid tap water

Depending on the country you visit, tap water may not be safe for consumption as it may be contaminated by viruses and bacteria that can cause diseases. Water that has been contaminated can make you ill, even if consumed in small amounts. Stick to bottled water where possible and drink only beverages that are served piping hot, such as coffee or tea. Avoid having ice cubes in your beverages as it is likely that they were made from tap water. 

2. Avoid raw foods

Again, this is largely dependent on the country that you visit. For countries where tap water is not safe for consumption, raw foods which include salads and undercooked vegetables should be avoided as it is likely that tap water had been used to wash the vegetables. Other raw foods that should be avoided are raw or undercooked meat, seafood and eggs as well as unpasteurised dairy products, whether it is milk or cheese.

3. Eat food that is piping hot

If you are visiting a country where foodborne illnesses are prevalent, you should be eating foods that are served piping hot when dining out. This is because high temperatures will destroy the germs and bacteria that can make you ill, such that the cooked food you eat is safe for consumption. You should also take extra care when ordering street food – only order from a vendor where food is prepared on the spot, not to mention in a hygienic manner. 

4. Fruits 

You can still enjoy the goodness of fruits when you travel – stick to fruits that can be peeled and do not require washing before consumption. Germs are highly unlikely to get into fruits that can be peeled. Such fruits include oranges, bananas, mangoes, kiwis and melons. If you insist on washing your fruits before eating them, use bottled water to do so.

5. Go with the flow when eating out

This may sound counter-intuitive but when in doubt, dine at eateries that are packed with patrons, especially in countries where foodborne illnesses are prevalent. Eateries that are crowded are less likely to serve foods that will make you ill or they would not even be frequented by patrons. If you are looking to have street food, head to vendors with plenty of customers – it is unlikely that food served by popular vendors have been sitting for many hours around though it is always good to check. 

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