Where to Eat Like A Local in Rome

Where to Eat Like A Local in Rome

When it comes to eating like a local during your travels in Rome, be sure to abide by the golden rule – stray off the well-trodden path, and shun the buzzing restaurants frequented by tourist crowds.

It is time to try out that nondescript-looking eatery dishing out plates of scrumptious classics, or trail steathily behind the lunch crowds in a bid to discover the locals’ dining favourites. Or, better yet, why not dine in the homes of the locals, and savour an authentic homecooked meal during your sojourns? 

Where to eat like a local in Rome:

  • Breakfast

When in Rome, eat as the Romans do. Start your day the Italian way by opting for a light breakfast of croissants and coffee at Caffé Sant’Eustacchio.

If you are in an indulgent mood, you will not go wrong with making a stop by Dagnino. Take your pick from the impressive varieties of breakfast pastries available. The only problem is that you cannot have them all, so you will have to make a choice – will it be that pretty cannoli, colourful cassata siciliana or flaky danish?

Vacation makers can be sure that they are eating like a local during their travels, when they dine on homecooked meals prepared by the locals. At Emma’s, you are sure to start your day on the right note by tucking into a delicious spread of croissants, brioche and breakfast pastries, as well as the essential cup of aromatic cappuccino. If being an early bird is not your cup of tea, perhaps making arrangements for a late brunch date with Veronica will float your boat.


  • Lunch

After a day of exploring Rome’s charming streets, be sure to fill up your rumbling tummy with wholesome and tasty fare. If you are in the mood for something light, make a stop by Zia Rosetta, and opt for one of the well-made rosetta sandwiches packed to the brim with fresh, quality ingredients. Vacation makers in search of heartier fare will be satisfied with the selection of main courses at the vibrant Necci 1924 or cosy Da Tonino.

For a unique dining experience, venture off the beaten path by trying out a meal at an intriguing location. A seaside picnic in a Roman castle or romantic lunch by the scenic Tiber River may wind up being one of the highlights of your trip.

  • Dinner

Rome presents an inexhaustible amount of dining options for dinner. Seafood lovers will be glad to make a stop by The Market Trastevere for a fishy feast. When a restaurant dishes out a fine selection of quality fare, a simple meal promises to satisfy. This is the case at The Market Trastevere, and you will not go wrong with sticking to classics such as good ol’ fried calamari and lemon, crisp garlic bruschetta and glasses of white wine.

A second option is to cosy up at the atmospheric Old Bear. Venture down a quiet alley from Piazza Navona, and you will stumble upon an inviting restaurant dishing up traditional favourites such as pasta, bruschetta, lasagne and Tuscan soups. If you seek a cosier dining experience, why not try a heartwarming meal by the fireplace at Alessandra’s? If the heat of the summer does not permit a meal by the fireplace, Alessandra would be more than happy to fire up an outdoor barbecue instead.

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Image credits: Like A Local Guide, Tumblr, World Property Journal, Redesigning Blog, Nina’s Italian

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