5 Desserts that will make you wish you were Swedish

5 Desserts that will make you wish you were Swedish

The highlight of Swedish cuisine is arguably the pastries and desserts. With so much variety, those with a sweet tooth will be in for plenty of treats when they visit Sweden. 

Here are some swedish sweets to try when in Sweden!

1. Princess Cake

This iconic and traditional Swedish cake, known as prinsesstarta, consists of layers of cream, sponge cake and jam (all the good stuff.) It is topped with green marzipan as well as a pink marzipan rose before it is left to chill and later serve. Perfect for birthday celebrations or special occasions!

2. Semla

Semla, a cream-filled bun, is a familiar sight in Swedish bakeries. The roll in Semla is flavoured with cardomom and the cream filling is comprised of almond paste and whipped cream. Traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday, semla is now eaten pretty much at any time (especially by me) and you can easily find this treat at most bakeries in Sweden.

3. Ostkaka

Ostkaka, known as Swedish cheesecake, is unlike the conventional cheesecakes that we are familiar with in that it is denser in texture and a lot less sweet. It is traditionally made by curdling fresh milk with rennet but is more commonly made with cottage cheese today. Ostkaka is typically eaten lukewarm and can be served with fruit jams, fresh fruit and cream.

4. Kladdkaka

A dense and gooey chocolate cake, Kladdkaka will surely delight lovers of chocolatey desserts. This decadent treat is topped with icing sugar and is typically served with fresh fruit and cream or ice-cream(or all of them if you want!)

5. Appelkaka

Appelkaka, or apple cake, is one of the most common desserts served in Swede eateries. It is typically accompanied with a generous helping of vanilla sauce and while its appearances seem to be a cross between a pie and cake, it definitely belongs to the 'cake' category in swedish cuisine. 

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