What to Pack for a Winter Holiday

What to Pack for a Winter Holiday

Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean that your adventures are over, but it does come with its downsides. The art of keeping warm often means big jumpers and other winter gear that are heavy and do not leave much room in your case. Travellers need to strike a balance between packing only the essentials and ensuring there is enough to last them the entire duration of the winter holiday. But fear not, it can be done!

Here are some packing tips for those heading off on a winter vacation! 

1. Thermal wear

Do pack some lightweight thermal wear – tops and bottoms. They only occupy a small amount of space in your suitcase and will keep you warm in freezing temperatures. You can also fit them into your day bag easily so that on days you need an extra layer, you do not have to wind up shivering. 

2. Accessories – hat, gloves, ear muffs

Winter accessories, namely gloves, hats, scarves and ear muffs, do not just make you appear more fashionable in the cold. They also play an essential role in keeping you warm as they protect the parts of your body that would otherwise be left exposed to the cold, i.e. your hands, head and neck. Most items of clothing do not offer protection to these areas (plus they look great)…So do not forget your these accessories when you pack for a winter vacation!

3. Winter coat

When you go on a winter vacation, you will surely need a winter coat to complete your outfit and provide you extra warmth. But you only need to bring a single coat along, and try to wear it so it does not take up any much-valued suitcase space. If rain or snow is forecast for the destination you are heading to, consider bringing a coat that is waterproof and comes with a hood.  

4. Footwear

The shoes you wear on your winter vacation should be comfortable enough for you to walk long distances and come with a good grip to prevent you from slipping on wet or icy surfaces. Wear boots to give your feet and legs some extra warmth, which sneakers do not provide. 

If you are planning to bring along additional footwear, do wear the most bulky one on the day you travel to free up space in your suitcase. 

5. Hand warmers

While we can easily slip on an additional layer to keep our upper bodies warm, very few of us wear an extra glove to keep our hands warm. And this is understable since gloves can be an impediment when we want to take photos or search for items in our day bags. But your fingers do not have to suffer the cold even when it is already wrapped in gloves! That is why many travellers bring hand warmers – they stay warm for hours and provide instant relief to frozen hands!

6. Moisturisers

Besides keeping yourself warm, you must not forget to look after your skin during your winter vacation! The cold temperatures can dry out your skin, causing it to become flaky and itchy so ensure that you bring moisturisers for both your face and the rest of your body. While you may need a richer moisturiser for winter, especially if your skin is prone to dryness, you should be using moisturisers that are suitable for your skin type.

Do not forget that winter weather can also cause us to have dry and cracked lips. Luckily this isn't something a little lip balm can't fix. Besides external moisturisers, remember to hydrate body internally by drinking enough water!

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