Here's How You Can Enjoy Winter In Canada

How You Can Enjoy Winter In Canada

As in summer, winter offers great adventures. Canada is among the best destinations where it is possible to experience beautiful sceneries, a sense of freedom, and a true escape at the heart of the great Canadian wilderness.

But this country also stands out for its culinary art. So, what are you waiting for?

Discovering the Charlevoix region

Here's How You Can Enjoy Winter In Canada

Many trails in Canada will take you where nature has been kept intact – an escape into the wilderness. To best way to explore the village of Huron-Wendake, the Laurentian Mountains, and the Laurentides Wildlife Reserve, would be to take snowmobile tour in Canada.


This is a village that is rich in history. Get to know more about the aboriginal history, visit the hotel-museum of the First Nations, and take part in woodland walks on snowshoes. Before arriving at the village, you’ll get to walk along the banks of the St. Lawrence River – an opportunity to watch ship traffic – and meet the fishermen who practice ice fishing.

The Laurentides Wildlife Reserve

Located between neighboring rivers and mountains, the track leading to the reserve is quite an exotic natural setting. For those wishing to venture into a wild and preserved area and enjoy a true feeling of freedom, the Laurentides Wildlife Reserve is worth the trip. This step is also the opportunity to enjoy an expedition through authentic sceneries along the Montmorency River and between the Laurentian Mountains.

The more you spend time in the snowy expanses of the Charlevoix region, the more your experience will be rich in discoveries. In addition to wildlife, plants, and traditions, do not forget the country’s gastronomy.

Several typical recipes of the Far North

Here's How You Can Enjoy Winter In Canada

Most of the time, you will have lunch and dinner at hostels, which will expose you to a wide variety of Canadian dishes. The culinary traditions of the country have perpetuated for centuries, and typical dishes come from the influences of different immigrant communities. Don’t miss this opportunity to savor traditional Canadian cuisine!

Among many recipes, you will most certainly enjoy a delicious meal made from wild boar or elk. Generally cooked by the Canadians themselves, this particular meal is served with crispy vegetables. In the east and north coasts, seafood – mainly lobster or blue mussels – are other great options.

If you are in Alberta, bison burgers, steaks and smoked salmon are widespread, and come from cowboy traditions. As for the West Coast, cuisine is similar to that of the Americans.

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