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Navigating The Wine Regions of France ~ Gourmet Dinner, Wines and Seminar


$258.05 per guest

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Start time

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday Evenings at 20h00


3 - 3.5 hours

Group size

2 to 6 people

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Meeting point

Chez Dianda


Navigating French Wines is an in depth tasting and pairing experience, along with a comprehensive seminar,
where you will learn how to buy and enjoy french wines.

This tasting seminar is fun, interactive and informative, and without pretentiousness, so you can discover and explore the delicious wines of France, and acquire enough wine knowledge to make you feel like an expert!

After an afternoon or evening of tasting, you will know how to order and to purchase wines you that you like, as well as the geography of the wine growing regions, the grape varietal that they are known for, and what foods they pair with.

Along with the seminar and tasting, a gourmet dinner will be served that complements the wines,with pairings aim to impress! You certainly won't be leaving hungry, but you will leave with all the knowledge you need to create your own successful wine and food combinations. Just like the pros!

The evening includes the seminar, lots of tasting, a gourmet french meal, and a souvenir booklet.


The menu is a Seven Course Meal, paired with Seven Wines from most of the geographical areas of France.

We start with a Rosé from Provence, paired with charcuterie for our first course, before arriving to the Loire Valley, for a food friendly and refreshing white wine, which I pair with a seafood dish.

Moving on, we to stop in Burgundy, where Chardonnay is queen of the whites, and is quite a delight, and where Pinot Noir is the prince of the reds. The third course, paired with the Chardonnay is also a seafood dish.

From there, we stop off in the Beaujolais region to discuss Cru Beaujolais, where I will explain what "nouveau beaujolais" REALLY is, and the difference between the nouveau and the crus! Our dish with this course is a rustic meat dish.

Before getting to the King of Reds, in Bordeaux, we will head to the South of France and taste the consistently fabulous wine from the Rhone Valley, where the wine is paired with provencal vegetable millefeuille with duck. For our Bordeaux course, I serve a beautiful cheese platter.

Lastly, a little bubbly from Alsace, paired with a chocolate flourless cake, for a match made in heaven!

Each course is also paired with an artisinal cheese, and aritisinal breads, and water. I will serve coffee and tea at the end, as well.

This tasting and seminar is heavy on the seminar part, as well as the tasting. We go over basic to intermediate wine knowledge, along with lots of wine trivia that is sure impress your friends! I guarantee, it is an evening you will remember for a very long time!


My spacious apartment is located in the 17th arrondissment, 10 min walk (or two bus stops, at Pierre Demours) from the Arc de Triomphe. Exact address and door code information sent upon booking.

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Navigator of French Wines

I worked for the largest wine distributor (Southern Wines and Spirits) in California, USA, for 12


Lisa R

Lisa R

from Paris

Dining with Camilla is a great experience. Everything she prepares is done with care and attention to detail. Her extensive knowledge of wines ensures that you will have an excellent pairing with the different courses. Camilla is a warm and hospitable hostess. You will leave with wonderful memories and a full tummy.



from Paris

An excellent activity for adults. A most informative experience, and very enjoyable! I have attended many of Camilla's events and they are the best wine tasting experiences I have ever had. The samples of wine were excellent, and the explanations both informative and helpful. Her energy and friendliness is infectious. If you are a wine lover or new to wine altogether... Camilla is the person with which you MUST book. Friendly, knowledgeable and professional. When the tasting was over, I felt like I was leaving a group of old friends. Bottom line: great food and wine, a wealth of knowledge, and great company! What else could you ask for?

Lisa Folger

Lisa Folger

from Paris

Dining with Camilla is more than just a great dinner experience in a Parisian apartment. Camilla can not only prepare you an interesting, varied, and delicious dining experience, but she will match each course with the perfect wine. Not only are you getting a taste of Paris, you will learn why she has chosen each wine especially for you and your choices. I drop everything and immediately say "yes" when I get an invitation from Camilla. If she is opening her home to you, it is to welcome you and give you an evening to remember. She does nothing half way and is a wonderful hostess. Thing that is the most appealing about this experience is that you truly feel special.

Vanessa Biard

Vanessa Biard

from Paris

Camilla cooks almost better than my French mother and no one else got to that level before I tried Camilla's dishes. As for the wines... Well, I fall for the Haut-Médoc, and the Riesling. Cheers. V

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$258.05 per guest


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