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Dinner with Fanny and Jakob

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$18.40 per guest


We can have dinner either inside, in the dining room or outside in a little terrace by the grill. We are an easy going couple that love and enjoy to cook and eat. We like to laugh, talk about anything and have a good time.


These are the options we have for the food:

Appetizers: To eat while cooking the entree's (one choice per group, these are not individualized)
- Hummus and Pita bread (Vegan)
- Sourdough bread with Jamón Serrano and oil.
- Jicama and carrots with a dairy based dipping cream called Jocoque.
- Stuffed mushrooms

- Grilled cheese burgers with caramelized onions in homemade buns.
- Mushrooms risotto (Vegan).
- Roast beef with mashed potatoes and stir fry vegetables.
- Spaghetti carbonara with fresh homemade pasta.
- Roast beef sandwich with sauerkraut in homemade sourdough bread.

- Chocolate cake.
- Tiramisú cake (has coffee and alcohol).
- Ice cream (not homemade).
- Chocolate brownies.

- Beer
- Red wine
- Jamaica water
- Coke or Diet Coke
- Water


We are near the city limits. It's a very safe and quiet zone of the city. There are stores nearby, hotels and one of the main avenues of the city is 4 minutes away. The zone is Nueva Galicia near Ciudad Bugambilias.

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Andrea Sánchez

Andrea Sánchez

from Guadalajara

If there's something Fanny and Jakob are good at, is definately hosting and cooking, in the past two years I've tasted the best homemade food every time they invite me over, from freshly baked bread, to (and I'm not just saying this..) the best chili you'll ever taste! everything is just delicious and made from scratch. They are true DIY believers, and they definately wil enjoy and love having you for dinner. Just a plus.. thay also have great taste in music ;)

Jenypher  Díaz

Jenypher Díaz

from Germany

These both know how to make from a meal an exceptional moment. Not just because the unbelievable amazing dishes they prepare, but also the great company they are for a perfect meal/dinner. I just can say: Highly recommended!



from México

You'll definitely have to visit Jakob's house if you enjoy a great meal, great company and having a good time. I strongly recommend Roastbeef Sandwich and Rib eye with potatoes... Ohh the Chicken Jambalaya is also one of my favorites! And after a great meal, the desert is a must... Beignets! Enjoy!

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$18.40 per guest

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