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Cooking Classes

One-stop food experience. Learn food culture and hands-on cooking session. Enjoy delicious food and sake!

Host food and freinds tokyo

$105.13 per guest

At a glance

Start time

Weekdays 10 am to 1 pm ( some saturdays)


3 hours

Group size

2 to 6 people

Class language


Meeting point

Near JR Yotsuya station


The class offers not only cooking Japanese dishes, but also offer learning opportunity about Japanese food culture.

You will have tasting of several kinds of miso, sake and other Japanese seasonings and how to use those seasonings for cooking. The session makes you feel easy to cook Japanese food. Also you will know what is seasonal food and ingredients how those ingredients affect human body.

After lecture of Japanese seasonings, the participants begin to prepare fresh ingredients using Japanese cooking knife. Followed by mixing seasonings for each dishes using recipe card, then cook like sauté or simmer on cook top.

The participants will learn how to arrange the meal correctly on a table and basic table manners.

This class offer mostly hands on and practical. Most of the ingredients can be substitute to the ingredients you can get them in near Asian market, so you can bring back the recipe and hope you recreate the meal at home.


First signed up participant can select the main dish from listed below for the class. You will also cook 2 side dishes, rice and miso soup. I will choose side dishes using the seasonal ingredients.

Salmon or mackerel nanban-zuke  ( Japanese style escabeche)
Salmon sautéed with cabbage in miso sauce
Salmon teriyaki
Gyoza dumplings (pork)
Ginger pork
Chicken Karaage Japanese style fried chicken
Chicken nanban    ( pan fried chicken with sweet sour sauce served with egg salad)
Katsudon ( cooked Panko fried pork and egg over a rice bowl)
A sushi platter ( Nigiri-zushi, Inari zushi and sushi roll)
Oyako-don (Cooked chicken and egg over a rice bowl)
Okonomi-yaki ( Cabbage pancake)
Char-shiu don ( Tender braised pork and runny egg over a rice bowl)
Bento box

Vegetarian and vegan menus are available


5 min from Shinkuku, 15 min from Tokyo station by JR train
15 min to Shinkuku gyoen by maruno-uchi subway line
15 min to Akihabara
20 min walk to imperial palace hanzo mon gate
15 min to Harajuku by JR train

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food and freinds tokyo

food and freinds tokyo

Home cook and Sake sommerier

Starting my cooking class at home in 2016, I'm always exciting to meet new people who love cooking.

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$105.13 per guest


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