Why Cocktail Lovers Should Head to Perth

Why Cocktail Lovers Should Head to Perth

We all know that Australians are no strangers to an alcoholic beverage or two, so when you find yourself in Oz you should do as Aussies do! If cocktail bars are your thing then Perth should be your next destination down-under so you can enjoy a Pina Colada under sunny skies. Here are some great reasons/excuses that cocktail bars make Perth a must-visit.

To Feel Like a Local

A night out in Perth will introduce you to all the locals who frequent famous Aussie bars. You can discuss the best things to do in Perth while you sip your minty mojito. At bars like Gramercy the staff even claim they know their regulars by name!

To Experience Something Different

The Times actually named Perth as “Hipster Heaven” in 2014 thanks in part to the slew of quirky cocktail bars that come in all shapes and sizes in Perth, including a bar made to look like a classroom for a back-to-school vibe. Thanks to the sun-drenched climate Australia offers you can make the most of drinking indoors as well as outdoors or in rooftop bars too. The growing number of cocktail bars in Perth mean there is more competition to serve the best beverages in a unique way for a great price- which is great news for customers!

To See the Skilled Bartenders

A great reason to visit a cocktail bar (or two) during your visit to Perth is to witness the trained bartenders in action! Sam Bygrave, editor of Australian Bartender is a regular to Perth because “Perth bartenders have to work harder than bartenders in the rest of the country because they’re so far away,” Bygrave says. “They put in the hard yards to cross the continent and go visit the best bars in Melbourne and Sydney, then they take the knowledge they get there and bring it back to Perth. The scene’s come on in leaps and bounds.”


To Taste the Specialist Spirits.

As with many cities worldwide, cocktail bars in Perth are choosing to specialise in single spirits, from whimsical whisky bars  to vodka-centric speakeasys. These bars are set apart from the rest thanks to their niche cocktail offerings. You can have confidence in the quality of the alcohol on offer and in the great night ahead!  

The local cocktail bar scene in Perth easily equals any you would find in a major metropolis like London or New York, but with the added benefit of Australia’s celebrated weather and friendly locals.


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