A Foodielicious Guide to Berlin: Must-Try Foods in the City

A Foodielicious Guide to Berlin: Must-Try Foods in the City

As Germany’s captial and cultural center, Berlin is regarded as one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Not only does the city boast a rich history, lively arts scene and dynamic culture, it also offers myriad delicacies to help you get a taste of traditional German dishes.

Besides numerous restaurants and cafes, you can also dine with locals and get an authentic taste of what the city has to offer. This is also a great way to meet locals and get local tips!

Be sure to savour Berlin’s most famous must eat foods as you go about discovering the monumental sights and eventful past of this fascinating city.

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1. Pretzels

Mmm pretzels! Known as breze or brezel in German, these treats are uniquitous throughout the country. This is no exception in the city – you will easily find pretzels being sold at numerous street food vendors, bakeries and cafes lining the streets.

There are many ways to enjoy this versatile delicacy – you can have it plain, with decadent chocolate, cheese, seed toppings or tender slices of meat. Any time is a good time to indulge in a pretzel, for it serves well as a hearty breakfast, light lunch or substantial snack on-the-go.

2. Kartoffelpuffer

A vegetarian-friendly treat, the kartoffelpuffer is a pan-fried pancake made with grated potatoes, flour, eggs and onions. This well-loved dish can be enjoyed as a sweet or savoury treat – you can satisfy your sugar cravings by dipping this is applesauce, or have it as a savoury delight by pairing it up with garlic sauce or meat.

You will find the kartoffelpuffer sold at street food stalls, cafes and restaurants all around the city. Vacation makers visiting Berlin during the festive season will also be able to find this sold at the Christmas markets.

3. Currywurst

No visit to Germany is complete without having a taste of its famed bratwurst dishes. Be sure to give the currywurst a try. Regarded as one of the most popular varieties in the country, it is a pork sausage seasoned with curry powder and ketchup, and often comes served with fries.

Sausage fiends who want more than a taste of the currywurst may make a visit to the Currywurst Museum in Berlin, an informative establishment dedicated to this savoury treat.

4. Eisbein

Eisbein, or pork knuckles, is a well-loved classic unique to Berlin. The meat is usually boiled or grilled, and comes served with sauerkraut, peas and potatoes.

5. Apfelstrudel

Do you have a sweet tooth, or enjoy devouring cinnamon-flavoured desserts?

If you answered ‘yes’ to both questions, you will definitely enjoy this treat. Filled with apples, and topped with icing sugar, cinnamon, raisins and breadcrumbs, the apfelstrudel is usually served warm, along with a serving of aromatic vanilla sauce.

Found in cafes and bakeries around Berlin, it is consumed as a dessert or afternoon snack.

6. Königsberger Klopse

Tender and hearty, the königsberger klopse is a meatball dish prepared with an array of ingredients, such as ground veal, beef, pork, onions, eggs, anchovies and flour, before being cooked in a broth.

Served in a cream sauce containing lemon juice and capers, it is eaten with potatoes, making for a satisfying dish that will satiate ravenous appetites.

7. Berliner Pfannkuche

Also known as berliner, this traditional pastry bears certain similarities to the doughnut. It is deep-fried and coated in icing sugar, but does not have the central hole often found in doughnuts.

Typically filled with jam, other varieties of this treat may contain a rich vanilla cream or chocolate. Naturally, this delightful snack is a hit with both the young and old alike.

8. Schnitzel 

Meat lovers will not be able to resist sinking their teeth into this succulent dish! The breaded crust creates a satisfying crunch, providung a good contrast to the succulent texture of the meat. Traditionally, pork is used for the cutlet, although other types of meat, such as turkey or veal are also used to prepare the dish.

Similar to most meat items served in Germany, the schnitzel is served along with potatoes. A fond favourite among the locals, the schnitzel posseses a level of popularity that rivals that of other well-loved classics, such as the currywurst and pretzels.

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