Top 10 Things to Do in Barcelona

Top 10 Things to Do in Barcelona

1.Tapas Bar Hopping


Definitely not one to be missed, Tapas sits on the top of our list as what any traveler must try during their stay in Barcelona. There is strong "Tapas culture" in Barcelona, where friends chat while eating Tapas and having a drink or two. Avoid flocking to the tourist traps at La Rambla– just ask a local and they will be more than happy to direct you to their favourite tapas bar.  If you want a break from bar crawls and would rather learn the art of tapas, join our BonAppetour Host, Nani, and learn how to make your very own Tapas!


2. Enjoy an enchanted evening


Just minutes away from the Espanya metro station, The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc is a stunning musical display of colored lights and water acrobatics. Illuminated by over 50 hues of coloured lights, this spectacular fountain is a captivating sight to behold. Whether you are 8 or 82, you are definitely in for a treat as this visual spectacle is one of the most visited attractions in all of Barcelona. It should be noted that the fountain only operates on Thursdays to Sundays from 9.30-11.00pm during the summer

3. Hit the beach


Longing to get that summer glow? It’s time to bask under the Mediterranean Sun at Barceloneta, Barcelona’s most popular beach. Backed with a promenade of seafood restaurants and a string of clubs, it is no wonder that this seafront neighborhood is packed with partygoers every weekend. If the raucous nightlife is not your cup of tea, another beach worth the visit is Sitges, a coastal town that is 20 minutes away from Barcelona. Other than the cerulean waters, this coastal town boasts a rich artistic history, it is home to multiple museums dedicated to the works of Catalan artists.

4. Trek up Mount. Tibidabo


Overlooking Barcelona, Mount. Tibidabo is a great spot to capture panoramic views of the city. Prepare your favourite snacks, get your playlist ready and put on your trusty pair of sneakers to embark on a 15km trek up the mountain. Pay a visit to Temple de Sagrat Cor, a charming cathedral designed in a modernisme and neo-Gothic styles and for just €2.50, ride an elevator that takes up to a viewing platform just below the Sacred Heart of Jesus sculpture. If you’re travelling with children, The Tibidabo Amusement Park is a must go, With 25 rides like classic roller coasters and great street theatre performances, the Tibidabo Amusement Park promises a fun-filled time for family members of all ages. Do check out the park’s Skywalk area for the Giradabo, a Ferris wheel gives you a bird’s eye view of Barcelona. Before you leave, make a pit stop at the foot of the mountain and wander into Casa Figueres, a hidden tower constructed by Gaudí.

5. Admire Gaudí’s works of art


With a name synonymous with Barcelona’s urban landscape, it is hard to miss any of Gaudi’s masterpieces while you’re out on the streets. Other than his magnus opus, La Sagrada Família, go on a trail to discover the rest of Gaudí’s work throughout the city. Begin your trail at Güell Palace, a mansion built for the Güell family and then head over to Casa Calvet, one of Gaudí’s most conventional buildings. Once a residential project for textile manufacturers, this beauty now houses a popular restaurant under the same name. We could go on about the other must-see places by Gaudí but it would be slightly ambitious to complete the entire trail in a day. Gaudí’s architecture is full of surprises and unusual elements and it is without a doubt that he left an indelible mark on Barcelona.

6. Watch the sunset at El Carmel Bunker


The El Carmel Bunker is another great spot to capture the best panoramic views of the city. An important slice of history, the place is the ruins of an old air raid bunker used during the Spanish Civil War.  Located at the peak of Turo de la Rovira, many locals flock here to watch the sunset and have a picnic with their loved ones, particularly during the summer season. Although situated in a rather remote area, the bunker is accessible by metro and public buses that run from the city centre. If you are into photography, this is the place to take breathtaking photos of Barcelona!

7. Uncover hidden treasures at local markets


Although widely perceived to be ‘tourist traps’, spending the afternoon at a local market is a great way for you to purchase local favourites at an affordable price. These markets are a one-stop shop for everything gastronomical.Push through the tour groups that usually crowd the entrances of the market and venture deeper where you would find the part of the market that locals love- from seafood and specialty meat cuts to pickled delights. Just a word of caution, don’t get carried away by the hubbub of the market’s crowd always keep an eye on your valuables at all times.

8. Dine with a local home chef


If you are here in Barcelona for a special occasion, why not take up a cooking class for an unforgettable experience? This is a great way for you to learn more about the city, have a wonderful time with your loved ones, straight from a local's kitchen. Cook like a local, dine like a local and live like a local- get a taste of home away from home and perhaps learn a recipe or two! Check out our BonAppetour hosts, like Teresa, who will teach how to make your own paella from scratch!

9. Pop by a quirky museum


Barcelona is renowned for having one of the most vibrant and established art scenes in Europe. But beyond Picasso and Da, there are many weird and wonderful museums to stop by for a fun-filled afternoon. Museu de Perfum tops the list as a museum so unusual that it remains the only perfume museum in Spain. Step into a time capsule and sniff your way through times dating back to Mesopotamia, Roman and Egyptian times. Another museum that showcases something stranger is the Museum of Funeral Carriages, aptly located inside Montjuïc Cemetery. Renowned for displaying some of the most exquisite antique funeral carriages and hearses in the world, the exhibits here are key in learning how the deceased were moved to burial sites in the past. If you have a morbid fascination and are travelling on a budget, do check out this museum as entry is completely free of charge!

10. Be part of a summer festival


One of the best ways to immerse yourself in Catalan culture is to participate in the neighbourhood festivals. Barcelona’s niche festival, La Mercè takes place during late summer and it is a boisterous celebration that honours the city’s patron saint, the Virgin of La Mercè. La Mercè is a time of gaiety that brings locals and tourists together through the flurry of events and attractions-heart-thumping live music festivals, castells(acrobatic locals building their own human towers), processions of gegants(giant papier-mâché figures) and street parties!


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7 Tricks for Visiting Barcelona on a Budget that No One Tells you About

7 Tricks for Visiting Barcelona on a Budget that No One Tells you About

Do you find yourself cultivating an unhealthy habit? Having a routine of booking flights and dropping them into the cart, but have never gotten the courage to click on the check-out button? What’s holding you back, my friend? Could it be that empty wallet that jerks you back to reality?

Here are 7 tips to show you that having plenty of dough is not a pre-requisite for travelling to Barcelona, the city of dreams; be assured that you will have a blast in Barcelona with your budget no matter how tight it is.  

1. Hit the road when the time’s right

Before you type ‘best period to visit Barcelona’ in the search engine, you may want to reconsider the period you are planning to visit Barcelona. While August and September promise large parties such as Fiesta de Gracia and La Merce festival, it could probably be a much better idea to march to a different drum and avoid the hiked up accommodation and food prices. Making a slight amendment to visit Barcelona at its own peak months during April through May, and middle September to October will definitely allow you to magnify your dollar power to spend less on accommodation, and hopefully more on satisfying your Tapas and Paella cravings.


2. Choose the smartest way to get around in Barcelona

Getting around a foreign land by metro is probably a budget tip that we already know at the back of the mind but picking the type of metro ticket probably requires a little more effort. Instead of buying an individual trip ticket, a more economical and time-efficient option would be to get a T-10 ticket instead. It not only entitles you to unlimited, yes, unlimited journey rides on public transport over the span of your visit, it offers discounted price for entrance fees to shows, attractions, souvenirs store and restaurants!

3. Appreciate the art of Gaudi without paying a single cent

A trip to Sagrada Familia definitely sits on top of the list of attractions to visit, but entrance into the Catholic church not only tests one’s patience at the snaking queue, but it also necessitates a hefty sum to be forked out in exchange for the privilege. We highly encourage you to appreciate the exteriors of Sagrada Familia and save some of your eyeball exercises to Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia, a stunning Gothic architecture that permits free entry.

4. Pick up a few lines of Spanish from the locals

Speaking in Barcelona native’s tongue will definitely give you an edge whether you are getting directions or simply putting your bargaining skills to test. An easy outlet for you to replace having to sit through a YouTube video ‘Learn useful Spanish phrases in 3 mins’ would be to pick up colloquial phrases directly from the local themselves! The Friday Language exchange class is held every Friday at França Railway Station's Bar and is entirely free of change. Did I mention that not only do you get to practice a language while having a drink, you would be meeting friends from all over the world!

5. Craft your own Spanish cuisine (with the help of the locals, of course)

Eating out could easily cost an arm and a leg if you are not inclined to dine in the restaurants that sell affordable Tapas or Paella, so a better suggestion would be to join in a cooking class that shows you the ropes in crafting a Paella that is not only moreish and meltingly tender but uniquely yours! Learn from one of our cordial BonAppetour hosts David as he shows you the way to produce a spice-laden Paella that withholds Mediterranean flavours using the traditional way. If Paella-making is not your cup of tea, meet Yves for a Tapas workshop for a gastronomical experience where you not only get to taste the legendary Tapas, but also learn the makings behind creating an opulent and earthy flavour.

6. Sharpen your ‘market-ing’ skills at the local markets

Popping by local markets like La Bouquerie is a splendid idea to get your hands on freshproduce, which are generally priced to be wallet-friendly. To enhance your market-going experience, be a little adventurous and dive into the interior to save yourself from escalated prices at the entrance. Alternatively, pay a quick visit to Santa Caterina market if you are on the hunt for a less touristy marketplace. Keep a lookout for our upcoming article that features a guide to La Bouquerie that includes the market layout and more!

7. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Located near Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, Els Encant Vells, the ‘Old Charms’ flea market boasts the sale of a range of commodity from antique and vintage artworks to second-hand clothing, records, and even furniture. You name it, they have it! ­­Like any other flea markets, a good bargain tests one’s patience so hold your horses and wait till 12noon where items that are not sold usually will go on massive price cuts. If you are there early, do catch the spectacle of public auction at 7.30 am to 8.30 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Perhaps, it’s time for you to throw in a few sentences of Spanish you have acquired from the language exchange session to haggle for the best price.

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5 Unforgettable Dining Experiences in Barcelona

5 Unforgettable Dining Experiences in Barcelona

Instead of frequenting the run-of-the-mill tapas bars in Barcelona, try something a little out of the ordinary on your Barcelona vacation. From eating in pitch-black darkness to sharing a drink in a – ice bar, here are 5 quirky places to please your palate when in Barcelona:

1.El Bosc de les Fades

Translated to ‘The Forest of Fairies’, this dark fantasy themed tapas bar is sure to appeal to both gothic horror fans and fairytale lovers. Realistically decorated with artificial waterfalls, wispy tea lights and mystical creatures lurking in the mirrors, it is hard not to believe to you have walked straight into an enchanted forest inhabited by fairies and grim-faced talking trees. Grab a refreshing glass of Sangria while you bask in the moonlight of this esoteric forest and share your grisly tales of horror with friends. A note of caution, be careful not to wander too deep into the secret grotto- there’s no telling what lies in the darkness…

2. Enjoy Paella with Home-chefs Bego and Iván

paella with bonappetour home chefs

No foodie trip to Spain would be complete without the iconic dish paella. And there’s absolutely no question the best paella is always homemade paella.

It takes a very long time to cook, so it’s difficult for restaurants to make fresh. Only 5 minutes walk from Gaudí’s iconic landmark Park Güell, talented home-chefs Bego and Iván offers Barcelona’s best paella in town using a traditional recipe from Alacant.

You can watch their whole cooking process while you enjoy an ecological white wine, from El Pla de Manlleu or rosé wine from Penedès A.O., a region famous for its excellent wines and cavas.

3. Dans Le Noir

If you are in search for innovative dining experience, why not dine in complete darkness? Enjoy a gastronomical experience in the dark at Dans Le Noir where you will find yourself fumbling for your wine glass and trying to scoop up the food on your plate. The fun part of this is guessing what you’ are eating and getting to know your fellow diners in a pitch-black room. Considerably one of the most unusual dining experiences in Barcelona, Dans Le Noir deserves a status above novelty. It is an intriguing way for you to invigorate your sense and also appreciate the gift of sight.

4. Icebarcelona  


Established on the lively shore of El Somorrostro, Icebarcelona is an unusual beach bar with an impressive interior made entirely from ice. Marval at the grandiose ice sculptures while you sip on delicious cocktails with your friends from glasses made of…ice. The bar’s interior design changes with each season, making Icebarcelona a refreshing experience every time. Remember to take lots of photos to capture these memorable frosty moments as the average entry to the bar usually lasts no more than 30 minutes! If you prefer to lounge under the Barcelonan Sun while munching on savoury nachos, you can relax on the terrace on the 2nd floor that overlooks the coastal sands and cerulean waters.

5. ABaC

Celebrated 2-Michelin-starred restaurant ABaC is helmed by the amazing Chef Jordi Cruz who is the youngest Spanish chef to have earned his first Michelin star at 24. This exclusive 56-seater elegant restaurant boasts an impressive 16-course menu that blends creativity and tradition seamlessly. Indulge in delicacies such asIberian meats, almonds with beans and “compango” bubbles and Foie gras taco with mole migas and sweet corn ice cream while you handpick your favourite wine from an extensive cellar. Also, the ABaC team is well-known for providing impeccable service. Other than the attentive servers, their thoughtful chefs would gladly customize your meal should you have any food allergies or intolerances. Although pricier than most restaurants found in the vicinity, give yourself a splurge to gain a once-in-a-lifetime gastronomical experience.

Bonus: Cook With Teresa!

If you are here in Barcelona for a special occasion, why not book a unique home dining experience with one of BonAppetour’s lovely hosts, Teresa? A professionally trained chef, Teresa easily whips up delicious Spanish fare but never forgets her motto in cooking that has been instilled in her since her childhood: love, time and quality produce. Step into her cozy home and savour an authentic meal that comprises of Coca Bread, Seafood Paella and of course, homemade Sangria. Cook like a local, dine like a local and live like a local- get a taste of home away from home and perhaps learn a recipe or two!


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A Family Friendly Barcelona

A Family Friendly Barcelona

Traveling with kids is no easy task. Not always fascinated by stunning architecture or the variety of Tapas and Cava available, Barcelona might seem like an unlikely place to bring your children to for a family holiday. However, Barcelona definitely has more to offer than just architecture and food, that is suitable for travelers of all ages. Here are six activities that can keep both you and your little ones entertained.


1. Tibidabo Amusement Park

The Tibidabo Amusement Park is a must go for families with children. With 25 rides like classic roller coasters and even a haunted mansion to discover, great shows and street theater performances, the Tibidabo Amusement Park promises a fun-filled time for family members of all ages. Plus, get a bird’s eye view of Barcelona on the Giradabo, a Ferris wheel in the park’s Skywalk area. Less than an hour away from the city center by public transport and shuttle buses, the Tibidabo Amusement Park should definitely be visited with your entire family.




2. CosmoCaixa

Why not pay a visit to one of the largest and most exciting museums in all of Spain? With an endless amount of interactive exhibitions that include an exhibition on how sand dunes develop and move, by making your own sandstorm, and there's even a planetarium to explore! Definitely do not miss their 1,000 m² jungle greenhouse which is home to 30 m tall trees from the Amazon, and you can even see animals from the tropics, some of which are even free-roaming! There is certainly bound to be something for everyone in this museum, both children and adults alike.



3. Visit the Aquarium

With 35 different tanks, 11,000 animals and 450 different species of marine life to discover in Barcelona’s L’aquarium, it is definitely an attraction worth visiting for all families. Spend an afternoon in awe, traveling through an underwater tunnel 80 meters long, playing "finding Nemo" with your kids, and observing the myriad of ocean creatures that call one of the largest oceanariums in all of Europe their home. The L’Aquàrium de Barcelona is definitely a must go for a fun family day out.


4. Visit the beach

A trip to Barcelona is not complete without visiting its prized beaches. Enjoy the sun and sand with your little ones as you bask in the glorious beaches of this coastal city. You can even have a picnic day by the beach, with lots of space for your children to run around and play. The best part? You do not have to travel hours upon hours out of the city to have some fun in the sun, with the Barcelona beach only being a mere 20 minutes away from the city center by Metro! 


5. Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc is a stunning musical display of colored lights and water acrobatics, that come together to produce sheer magic. Just minutes away from the Espanya metro station, the magic fountain is certainly not one to be missed when you are in Barcelona. Both your kids and yourself will definitely be in for a treat as this visual spectacle is one of the most visited attractions in all of Barcelona.  It should be noted that the fountain does not operate on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and show times vary throughout the year.


6. Take a Cooking Class

Expose your children to the culinary wonders that Barcelona has to offer by taking a cooking class! Get their hands down and dirty through an interactive cooking class that engages both you and your children, while learning about the culture and cuisine of Barcelona. Your young ones will surely have a blast making and eating the delicious food, that they helped to make. Many of our BonAppetour hosts offer cooking classes, like David, who will teach you how to make Paella from scratch! This is certainly a great way for the whole family to learn more about the city, while having delicious and authentic food, straight from a local's kitchen. 

Barcelona is definitely not a city just for adults to enjoy, but for the entire family as well! Hopefully, these tips have helped you plan a fruitful trip to Barcelona. If you think that we missed out something important, do let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear more about your plans to travel to Barcelona.

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